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Plating Supplies

Anodes in copper, stainless, platinum, nickel, and silver. Pyrex and stainless beakers, thermometers, plating racks, hot plates, filtering materials and Stop-Off Lacquers.

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copper nickel platinum platinum-clad clad t stainless steel silver t anodes anoids
$5.40 - $129.50
Carbon Treatment Set for Cleaning Rhodium cleaning kits sets carbon activated cleaning sets kits for cleaning rhodium plating baths
Carbon Treatment Set for Cleaning Rhodium
$69.95 - $117.00
Copper Work Wires Copper Work Wires
Copper Work Wire
stainless steel ss dial vulcanizers vulcanisers thermometers dial wax pots injectors thermometers temperature gauges
Dial Thermometer
EarthGold Electrocleaner EarthGold Electro cleaner powders
EarthGold Electrocleaner
$9.80 - $29.75
Electric Hot Plates hotplates Single Double Electric Hot Plates hotplates Single Double
Electric Hot Plates
$59.50 - $95.00
Filter Papers Filter Papers
Filter Paper
$1.40 - $1.75
Flexible Beaker Covers Flexible Beaker Covers for pyrex 600ml 1000ml pyrex flexible lids beakers lids covers
Flexible Beaker Covers
$5.25 - $5.50
Gesswein Electrocleaner Powder Gesswein Electro cleaner Powders
Gesswein Electrocleaner Powder
Glass Funnels filtering funnells glass
Glass Funnel
$31.16 - $38.95
allergy jewelry shield skin shields solutions sprays sensitive skin sprays
Jewelry Shield
rectifier lead wires for rectifiers alligator clips red black red lead wires rectifiers for plating electroplating plating lead wires clips
Lead Wires
$15.95 - $47.95
measuring plastic graduated beakers cylinders pitchers for water measurement measuring graduated plastic pitchers cylinders beakers
Measuring Beakers & Cylinders
$14.80 - $58.95
chemical safety Neoprene Aprons yellow neoprene rubber aprons for plating for electroplating
Neoprene Apron
chemical safety Neoprene rubber yellow Sleeves protectors protecters protection for sleeves
Neoprene Sleeves
Plastic Stirring Rods plastic
Plastic Stirring Rod
electroplating Plating Thermometers Plating Thermometers
Plating Thermometer
Pyrex Beaker Covers glass plating beaker covers
Pyrex Beaker Covers
$8.35 - $10.35
Pyrex Beakers electroplating plating beakers pyrex
Pyrex Beakers
$6.65 - $60.25
Rhodium Test Kits sets rhodium plating solutions testing kits sets
Rhodium Test Kit
Stainless Steel Beakers plating electroplating plating tanks stainless steel beakers
Stainless Steel Beakers
$21.95 - $61.10
Stainless Steel Covers Stainless Steel beakers Covers
Stainless Steel Covers
$12.40 - $18.90
Stop-Off Lacquers StopOff stop off Lacquer paints masking plating for electroplating platings masks
Stop-Off Lacquer
$4.75 - $39.00
Umicore Platinum Anode Systems
Umicore Platinum Anode Systems
$149.00 - $151.25
Whatman 0-14 pH Strips ph cf ph strips indicator papers strips 2613991 #2613991
Whatman 0-14 pH Strips
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