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The true three-in-one tester has arrived. The CIEL is unique in the market as it is the ultimate all-in-one tester that distinguishes between a diamond, moissanite, and simulants/colored stones/glass. When mated with the Pistachio Referential meter, it forms a hi-tech innovative system allowing you to test any diamond or stone and allowing for easy viewing on the Pistachio meter. This referential meter was designed to further expand the analog readings on the CIEL via a wireless integrated system to indicate between a diamond, moissanite and a variety of popular colored gemstones. You can simply purchase the CIEL tester on its own (8170997) and can also buy the Pistachio Referential Meter (8170998) should you want to add-on at some point moving forward.

**Please Use Panasonic and Energizer Batteries with Item 817-0997 and 817-0998 other batteries do not work.

Features of CIEL 3-in-1 Tester:
  • Hi-tech infrared innovation
  • Portable and pocket size for convenience of all users
  • 10 second warm up time
  • Retractable tip maintains constant pressure against stone
  • Quick and Accurate testing of stones as small as 0.02 regardless of shape, rough, cut, loose or mounted
  • Two year warranty
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