Sisma Laser Welder Accessories

$6.50 - $870.50
Step Up/Down Voltage Converter is a non-stock items. Special order only. Please allow extra time for delivery.
Power redefined! With its sleek design and ease of use, the Sisma Nd:Yag Laser Welder is a technological breakthrough in the world of jewelry welding. Gives the high power of larger units in a compact benchtop model. Low cost of maintenance and long duration of the flash lamp make this tabletop machine a must-have for any intricate or sensitive welding task. Made in Italy.

Customer Testimonial
Our master jeweler loves our new Sisma Laser Welder. It’s easy to use, powerful, and very quiet. Prong re-tips and general repair work have never been easier. I would recommend this this machine to any store that does daily repair or custom work.

-Ryan Dacus. Skatells’ Jewelers. Greenville, SC.

Customer Testimonials
"We have used it three times now and it has already paid for itself! It is very easy to learn to use; all my guys are using it. Even the ones who cannot use traditional TIG welding gear. The PUK is a VERY useful tool to any mold shop."
- William Barnhart, Tool Room Supervisor at North American Lighting - See more at:
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