Quatro Air Purifier AF2000 120V

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Ensure optimal air quality. Polishing operations and bench work create a great deal of dust, some harmless and some toxic. Many dust collectors pick up much of the dust at the source, but polishing operations also allow a substantial amount of dust to become airborne and settle around the shop.

Fresh-Air Series Air Purifiers capture airborne dust and other contaminants in an advanced three-stage filtration system, then recirculate clean air back into the room. All provide complete room air exchange approx. 15 times per hour. Each includes smooth casters for easy relocation to dusty areas. Electrical: 120V (240V available upon request).

Backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Made in Canada.

All units feature a 3-stage filtration system:
  • Stage-1 Prefilter — Captures the biggest particles, prolonging the life of subsequent filters. Inexpensive and easy to change.
  • Stage-2 HiCap Filter — Provides high-capacity particle retention.
  • Stage-3 HEPA Filter — Picks up 99.99% of 0.3 micron particulate, including soot and pollen. Recirculates clean air back into the room to help minimize heating and AC costs. Replace every 3 to 5 years depending on use.
Replacement Filters for all models are available, see "Related Products" below.
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