Suhner MiniFix 25-R and 9-R

$297.75 - $1,665.00
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The Suhner MiniFix is the most powerful flexible shaft system we offer. These motors boast 2/3 HP and 500 Watts, giving the user consistent rotational speeds even when pressure is applied. The Suhner MiniFix is the ideal choice for heavy stock removal or heavy pressure polishing using brushes or felt bobs. For big jobs, try with our new Tampico and Nylon 1⁄4" shank brushes. Select between model 9-R (4,000 to 9,000rpm) or 25-R (11,000 to 25,000rpm.) Made in Switzerland.

Systems Include:

  • Fully Insulated Motor 120V/50Hz
  • Flexible Shaft
  • FH4 handpiece with 1⁄4" collet
  • Metal carrying case
  • Set of Mounted abrasives
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