Accessories and Replacement Parts for PUK 3, 4, 5, and U4

$8.50 - $999.00
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Argon Gas Regulator
The PUK flow regulator enables the exact setting of the recommended 2 liters per minute flow rate. It's precise and easy but above all, it’s reliable! The argon gas allows for clean, oxidation free welds.

Electrode Set
10 pre-sharpened 0.6mm electrodes for immediate use. The thin electrode increases precision by touching the exact spot of weld. Just prior to weld, the electrode pulls back into the handpiece allowing for a clean and precise weld spot.

Electrode Sharpener
For simple and rapid sharpening of PUK electrodes. The diamond disc rotates when the button is pressed allowing for quick and convenient electrode sharpening. The unit plugs into the back of the machine.

PUK U4 Handpiece 2.5 Meter

PUK U4 Extension Package
Extend the reach of your PUK U4 with the PUK U4 Extension Package! For some large molds and in-press repairs, a few extra feet of reach may be necessary. This package includes an extended handpiece, extended magnet ground, and microscope extension cables. The extended handpiece measures approx. 8’ (2.5m) compared to the 4’ handpiece included with the PUK U4. The extended magnet cable measures 8’ in length. The microscope extension cables add on an additional 6.5’ in length to the standard PUK microscope, thus totaling 12.5’ in overall length. 
Accessory for the PUK U4 830-0944. It’s a handpiece with a longer cable for extra extension applications.
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