Flow-Through Systems

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A Flow-Through System automates your Vibratory Tumbler by automatically dispensing a solution of water and burnishing compound into the tumbler bowl.

All plastic, ceramic and steel medias require a slow, steady drip of water and burnishing compound in order to keep parts and media clean, cool and lubricated and to assure a bright, clean finish on the parts.

Upper container of Flow-Through gravity-feeds solution into the tumbler bowl by means of an adjustable needle valve. Spent water drains out of tumbler into lower container. An integral 0-5 hour timer/outlet box allows Tumbler to be plugged into the Flow-Through base. Timer can also be bypassed for continuous operation.

Complete with 2 containers for solution and a heavy-duty steel base with brackets to lock Tumbler in place. Base raises Tumbler to convenient working height. Shipping weight: 65 lbs.

Available in two sizes:
Medium fits Vibratory Tumblers #10, 18, and 25.
Large fits Vibratory Tumblers #40 and 75.
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