Practical Casting

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From the author of The Complete Metalsmith, this book devotes 6 full chapters to the lost wax casting procedure. Later chapters discuss alternative casting techniques that utilize sand and cuttlefish bone. Information about casting equipment is also provided. Easy to read and understand. An excellent reference source containing dozens of invaluable charts, graphs and tables. Spiral-bound to lie flat on a workbench.

This popular volume features detailed illustrations, a complete listing of sources and a compact, no-nonsense style that will let you spend your time working rather than looking for information.
  • 128 pages, paperback
  • 6" by 9", spiral bound
  • Plastic laminate cover
  • Over 200 illustrations
  • ISBN 0-9615984-5-X
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    from Metalsmith magazine, reviewed by Stanley Lechtzin

    "Tim McCreight, who wrote The Complete Metalsmith, an excellent text for students as well as professionals in the jewelry and metals field, has written a new, more specialized book devoted to all aspects of casting. While this new work is in the same format with many clear illustrations, it does not add much to the available literature in the field. Creative Casting by Choate and Jewelry Casting by Bovin provides much of the same information. The Bovin book furthermore, is more complete technically.

    "As a teacher I am more comfortable with the format and illustrations in Practical Casting than with the illustrations in the other books I have mentioned because Tim McCreight does not burden us with photos of outdated jewelry of questionable design. Safety is carefully stressed by the author as it pertains to individual processes and materials. If they bother to read the safety alerts placed throughout the book beginners will be kept out of trouble. MCreight is to be thanked for this very responsible concern for his readers. "