Poly Polishers, Wheels & Points

$5.30 - $173.90
Priced per package.
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Superior results on all precious and nonprecious metals. Silicon Carbide abrasive in a specially formulated polyurethane bond for long life – outlasts other types of rubber abrasives.

Poly Polishers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to finish any jewelry item from the largest ring shanks to the tiniest settings uniformly and without a lot of dressing to make them fit. Mounted on 3/32" shanks. Unmounted wheels & cylinders have 1/16" holes and can be mounted on our Screw Mandrels. Max. operating speed: 15,000rpm.

Available in 4 color-coded grits: Blue (Coarse), Gray (Medium), Brown (Fine Prepolish), and Green (High-Shine).

Sold in packages of 10 or in money-saving packages of 100. Also available in convenient sets (see "Related Products" below).

Shape Diameter
x Length
Available Grits
Small Point 3 x 7mm Coarse, Medium, Fine, High-Shine
Large Point 4 x 12mm Medium, Fine, High-Shine
Mtd. Wheel
5/8" x 3/32" Coarse, Medium, Fine, High-Shine
Mtd. Wheel
5/8" Coarse, Medium, Fine, High-Shine
Small Cylinder 10 x 12mm Coarse, Medium, Fine, High-Shine
Large Cylinder 14 x 12mm Coarse, Medium, Fine, High-Shine
Unmtd. Cylinder 7 x 20mm Coarse, Medium, Fine, High-Shine
Unmtd. Wheel 7/8" Coarse, Medium
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