Power Hand 4:1 Reduction Gear Z-RGX

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Connect between Motor and Head for 4 times the torque. Speeds reduced by 1/4. Ideal for:
  • Angle Heads
  • Work requiring high torque at low rpm
  • Diamond polishing with felt discs
Use with all Motors except Z-M55X and PH3-55X.

Overall length: 1-7/8".  Diameter: 1".
Create your own handpieces with Power Hand heads and motors. Choose a combination that best suits your needs. Each head features superb design for fast tool changes. Choose an 8,000, 15,000 or 30,000rpm PH2 handpiece motor or PH3 handpiece motor. For work requiring high torque at low speed, add in the 4:1 Reduction Gear.

Z-M08X &
PH3 08X
Z-M15X &
PH3 15X
Z-M30X &
PH3 30X
Mini-Filer Head

Swing Head
Side-to-Side Reciprocating

Angle Heads
90° & 120° Rotary

Micro Angle Head
Long Reach 90° Rotary

Heavy-Duty Head
Rotary for 1/4" Shanks
Slender Head
Long Reach Rotary
Standard Rotary Head
Replacement Head
4:1 Reduction Gear
Adds 4X Torque