3M™ Radial Bristle Discs 6"

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6" discs for use on your polishing or buffing motor. Use for cleaning, pre-polishing, blending and removing scratches and firescale. Excellent for gold, silver, copper, pewter and brass. Color-coded discs have precisely graded abrasive throughout and require no compounds.

Each 6" disc consists of eight stacked discs mounted on a plastic hub. Includes adapters for 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" arbors. Tapered spindle adapter sold separately.

Color Grit Application
Yellow 80 Removal of scratches and firescale
White 120 Texturing, light cleaning
Red 220 Removal of light scratches and oxides
Blue 400 Blending, pre-polishing
Peach 6 Micron Polishing
Lt. Green 1 Micron Final Polishing
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    Maximum operating speeds: 10,000rpm for 6" discs.