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High-Temp Compounds

High Temp Diamond Compound has been specifically formulated with the mold polishing professional in mind. In the past, a compound that cut quickly might leave a higher finish, resulting in additional finishing steps to massage the mold back to its original state.

Taking into consideration that larger molds must often be polished in the plastic injection machine, the carrier in our High Temp Diamond Compound has a high vaporization point, which permits working on molds which have not yet cooled.

High Temp Diamond Compound takes the compromise out of polishing. This breakthrough formula results in faster stock removal and few polishing steps. Packaged in 10 gram or 20 gram syringes. Made in USA.


  • Made specifically for hot surface finishing up to 500°F
  • High vaporization point which permits working on molds which have not cooled yet
  • Specifically for mold polishing
  • Saves time and improves productivity
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Yellow 3 Micron 500°F 20g $66.95
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