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Supra Compounds

These compounds utilize the highest concentration of diamond particles of any compound we offer; all are extra-heavy concentration.

Supra Diamond Compounds contain 100% virgin synthetic diamond powder. The more uniform shape of synthetic diamonds outperforms and outlasts that of natural diamonds for almost any application.

Loosely graded diamond compounds contain a high percentage of fine particle filler powder, so they remove less stock and require the polisher to use more compound and spend more time polishing. Our Supra Diamond Compounds are graded to closer tolerances than nationally recognized standards. This closer grading yields a higher concentration of diamond particles in the middle of each micron range offered, allowing much faster stock removal.

Each is sold in a 5-gram Precision Applikator™ syringe.
For best results, use with our Lubricant/Thinner.

The Precision Applikator™ provides more control than other syringe dispensers on the market. The offset tip allows compound to be placed exactly where it's needed. A knob controls its release so compound is delivered precisely. When the Applikator is empty, unscrew the tip and reattach it to a new Applikator – no compound is wasted.

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Item #
Color Grit Style Syringe Size Price Quantity
Ivory 0-2 Micron 1-S 5g $13.90
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Blue 10-20 Micron 15-S 5g $27.30
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Yellow 2-4 Micron 3-S 5g $22.95
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Red 20-40 Micron 30-S 5g $36.45
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Orange 4-8 Micron 6-S 5g $26.05
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Green 6-12 Micron 9-S 5g $27.30
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