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  • MasterCraft™ GRS® Workbench

    MasterCraft™ GRS® Workbench

    sku: 8101614

    The GRS® Workbench has a 2" (50.8mm) thick, deep-cut countertop made of natural birch plywood. It has 15 spacious drawers, two aluminum catch trays, two pull-out arm rests, and a large pull-out workspace. Additional features include pre-drilled holes for...

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  • MasterCraft™ MO-20 Organizer

    MasterCraft™ MO-20 Organizer

    sku: 8101607

    THIS ITEM DROPSHIPS FROM CALIFORNIA: The MO-20 sits next to your bench giving you a total of 7 spacious drawers for convenient, easy, organized storage. The drawers are made of natural birch plywood, (included is a set of keys for the top drawer) and the...

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