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Natural Gas Booster G-TEC

G-TEC Torch Boosters replace acetylene, propane and other fuel gas cylinders. They connect to your low-pressure utility natural gas pipe and boost pressure high enough to make gas flow through a flashback arrestor check valve and give you a hot flame on the torch.

  • Never run out of fuel.
  • Clean natural gas flame improves work quality.
  • Don't waste time changing empty cylinders.
  • Make flashback arrestors effective.

Natural gas is 10 times cheaper than acetylene and half the cost of propane. G-TEC offers a lower cost advantage over fuel cylinders. For equal BTUs natural gas costs much less than either acetylene or propane, and because you are connected to the utility natural gas pipe you never have to replace empty cylinders.  Electrical: 110V, 5Amp   Gas Supply: 1/4-1 PSI   Made in USA


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12" x 16" x 12" TB-30 30 cu.ft./hr. 1-4 torches $2,199.00
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