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Jeweler's Carbide Burs - 3/32" Shank

Available in Bearing 90°, Bud, Cone, Cylinder, Hart 45°, Round, Setting, and Wheel. Not all shapes are available in all sizes. Like all carbide burs, these must be run at maximum speed — will chip if started on work at slow speed or if not removed from work at fast speed.

Can be resharpened. Please email us for a resharpening quote, be sure to include bur style and quantity.
Individually hand-cut with diamond wheels.
Sizes 4 to 8 feature one-piece construction; sizes 9 and larger are securely brazed onto steel shanks.
All have fine teeth.
All have 3/32" shanks.
Made in USA.

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Item #
Bur Shape Diameter Shank Size Price Quantity
Bearing 2.10mm 3/32" $20.25
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Hart 2.10mm 3/32" $20.30
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Round 2.10mm 3/32" $20.30
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Setting 2.10mm 3/32" $20.30
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