Gesswein sells small bench torches, casting torches, the Hydroflux water torch, PUK welders, and supplies for professional jewelry and small parts soldering and brazing.
Micro TIG Welders

Micro TIG Welders

Browse PUK TIG laser welders and accessories for both Industrial and Jewelry uses.

Sisma Welder

Sisma Laser Welders

Power redefined! With its sleek design and ease of use, the Sisma Laser Welder is a technological breakthrough in the world of jewelry and mold & die repair.  Jewelry welders delivers the high power of larger units in a compact benchtop model.  Mold & Die applications utilize larger class I and class IV welders. 

Sisma Laser Welders Accessories

Sisma Laser Welders Accessories

Sisma Laser Welder Accessories for all Sisma welders, SWA, SWT, LM-B, LM-D, and LM-DT.

Weldmax 350

Weldmax 350 Accessories

Shop Weldmax 350 accessories at Gesswein. Known for its ability to repair all forms of minor mold damage quickly and easily. Uses short, controlled amperage discharges to weld metal powder, sheet or wire to molds. Produces strong, homogeneous welds, even under difficult working conditions.