Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum solder in wire, sheet, and chip form; paste solder for soldering chain;  repair solder, Stay Bright & Tix® soft solder & flux.

Platinum Solder Pastes 1000 1300 #1000 #1300 Platinum Solder Pastes
$35.00 - $122.50
Silver Sheet Solders easy medium hard Silver Sheet Solders
$7.14 - $32.82
Silver Solder Pastes easy white easy white repair white Silver Solder Pastes
$23.10 - $28.95
Silver Solder Wire soldering wires easy x-easy extra easy extra-easy medium hard silver solders wires solders for silver easy medium hard extra-easy x-easy extra easy
$13.35 - $16.41
Tix ticks tics Solders tix ticks tics solders