Diamond Tools

Diamond and CBN pins, diamond cloth and foil, diamond compounds, diamond dressers and grinding wheels, diamond pads and discs including 3M™ Roloc and QRS.
Burs, Drills, Points

Burs, Drills, Points

Diamond coated burs, mounted points and wheels.

Diamond Cloth, Foil, Discs

Cloth, Foil, Discs

Diamond impregnated cloth, foil, and discs.

Diamond & CBN Pins

Diamond & CBN Pins

For precision grinding of hard materials including ceramic, Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride pins on 1/4" or 1/8" shanks.  CBN pins generally run cooler than diamond pins.

Diamond Files and Rifflers

Diamond Files & Rifflers

Diamond coated files, diamond coated rifflers, needle files, tiny escapement files and micro files for precision work on hard metals.

Diamond Lappers & Pads

Diamond Lappers & Pads

Lappers and pads utilizing diamond abrasive.

Diamond Dressers


Offhand, single point and cluster diamond dressers.

Diamond Grinding Wheels

Grinding Wheels

Contain synthetic diamond for use on carbide, ceramic, glass, welds, quartz and other hard, brittle and short chipping materials.