Mold Polishing Class Schedule

  • Two days of intensive hands-on mold polishing
  • Polish a rough EDM surface to a Mirror A-2 finish
  • Use the latest tools and equipment
  • Instructed by a Master Mold Polisher with 40 years experience
  • Open forum to ask questions about specific problems
  • Bring parts from your workplace for review!
  • MicroTIG and Laser Welder Demonstrations
  • Learn the standard methods of mold polishing along with new techniques
  • Beneficial for beginner, intermediate and expert mold polishers
  • Hands on training with the latest products and technology for mold polishing
  • Improve polishing efficiency and quality of surface finish
  • Develop a better understanding of polishing concepts and a pride for polishing molds
2021 Dates
  • April
  • 19th - 20th
  • 22nd - 23rd
  • July
  • 12th - 13th
  • 15th - 16th
  • October
  • 18th - 19th
  • 21st - 22nd
  Classes Start at 8:00am

COVID-19 Safety Procedure

To ensure everyone's health and safety, we have made several modifications to our classroom. These changes are listed below.

  1. Masks - Everyone is required to wear a face mask when a distance of 6 feet cannot be maintained.
  2. Hand Sanitizer - Each station will have a bottle of hand sanitizer.
  3. Air Circulation - Air circulation will be maintained with open doors and fans.

It is our goal to continue with the classes and meet the needs of our students while maintaining a safe environment. We hope you will be able to participate in our classes though we do understand challenges we all face. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager.

  • Flying Into CT
    NYC Airports (Laguardia/JFK)

    Laguardia (LGA) is the closest NY airport to our office and usually has the best airline rates. Our office is about 60 minutes from the LGA when there is no traffic.

    CT Airports (Bradley International)

    Bradley International is located in northern CT and is approximately 60 minutes from our office.

  • Public transportation from airports to hotels
    From New York Airports (Laguardia/JFK)

    “Go Airport Shuttle" offers shared shuttle service to and from LGA/JFK airports. They can take you to hotels in Fairfield CT and other destinations. Please book your reservation in advance at their website,

    From CT Airport Bradley International

    There is no shared shuttle service from Bradley International to Fairfield CT hotels. Private taxi service is available and costs approximately $176 each way.

  • Hotel*
    Holiday Inn Bridgeport

    1070 Main Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604 | (203) 334-1234

    To access our corporate rate of $119 per night (plus taxes), call the hotel and ask for the “Gesswein” corporate rate, or click on the following link:

    Gesswein Holiday Inn corporate rate

    We will provide a car pickup to and from the hotel. Contact us to confirm if you need to be picked up. Pickup time: 7:15am


The enrollment fee of $995 is due in full prior to the class. We accept credit card, check, or wire transfer. Payment is required to complete registration. Classes will be reserved for those who are registered. There is a maximum of 4 registrants per class. Course registration may be canceled up to 30 days prior to the class for a full refund. Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the first day of class will result in forfeiture of enrollment fee.


Polishing Requires Local-Level Communication

- Christina M. Fuges

Editorial Director, Mold Making Technology


“Great class! A must for Toolmakers & Manufacturing.”
–Jeff Crosse | Century Plastics.

“The class was fun. Very hands on with tons of information. This was beneficial to me and I'm excited to take what I've learned back to work and continue to improve on what I've learned.”

“Learned a lot of new techniques for polishing ribs with wood and steel with diamond paste. Overall pretty impressed with equipment and outcome.”

“I left this class with a higher confidence level than when I came. I feel more like I had formal training that is a must when conducting my work.”
–Julius Szalay | Bic Corp.

“For someone with little to no experience, I am walking away with so many new skills for polishing. After this class I feel confident enough to get back to work and apply these techniques I've learned.”

“Staff were very helpful. The skills I learned will be very beneficial to making a better quality part at work. Thanks!”
–Keegan McCabe | Batesville Casket

“I have polishing experience... A great class–would recommend to anyone in the trade.”
–Jake LaVallee | Albea Thomaston
“This is truly a wonderful class. Donald Gonzalez the instructor was very knowledgeable. Definitely learned a lot from this class.”
–Luis Belli | Grenier Bio-One N.A. Inc.
“With is what I have learned in this class, combined with the use of your micro welder, I can now confidently repair and polish most if not all of our high polish molds and tooling! Effectively eliminating sending out more than 90% of the work we used to outsource.”
–Nick Johnston | Currier Plastics

“I recommend the class to anyone looking to improve their finishing process.” 
–Alex Rodriguez | Superior Plastic Products Inc.

"Great class! Exposed to many techniques and materials. Instructor and staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone that wants a better understanding of polishing."
–Allen Moore | Power Professionals

"Your product and customer service were excellent during the mold polish class. I took full advantage of everything I learned and have already begun using some of the techniques. Thank you Gesswein.
–Robert Andruchow | Tiffany & Co.

"A great class with great people. It was a pleasure to learn new and more effective polishing methods."
–Dustin Shamblen | Mack Molding Co.

"The staff at Gesswein was very helpful and friendly which added to the entire experience, it made me feel welcome. Thank you Donald and Greg!"
–Mike Lamson | Branson Company

"The course exceeded our expectations. We are extremely confident from the knowledge gained to improve the quality of our work."
–Gordon Menzies | PH Molds Ltd.

"I had an awesome time. I learned some new tricks in a lot of areas that will be very useful. Thank you very much."
–Tanya Woods | Cape Fear Mold & Tool