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Gesswein is proud to offer two days of intensive hands-on mold polishing training right from the comfort of your own shop! In our training seminar, you will learn standard methods of mold polishing along with new techniques. The class focuses on how to polish a rough EDM surface to a mirror A-2 finish or you will have the opportunity to polish your own parts. During the training, you will learn to use the latest tools and equipment including ultrasonic polishers, profilers, rotary micro motors, diamond abrasives, finishing stones, and more; all provided by Gesswein. Perfect for the beginner, intermediate and expert mold polishers.

Meet the Instructors

With a combined 90 years experience and counting, these instructors are masters in the art of mold polishing. They specialize in achieving supreme finishes and have trained over 700 working professionals.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith

Steve SmithInstructor

Over 50 years experience in mold polishing and coaching. Steve was the mold polishing supervisor at Caco Pacific for the majority of his career. He's now retired and has become a consultant and instructor for Gesswein.

Donald Gonzalez
Donald Gonzalez

Donald GonzalezInstructor

Over 40 years experience in mold polishing. He started his apprenticeship in 1979 at Caco Pacific, moving onto The Kipp Group for a total of 11 years before he started his own mold polishing business at DG Mold Polishing, which he currently runs today with his family.

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