Liver of Sulphur XL Gel

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Real liver of sulphur in premixed gel form, which is much easier to work with. Ready to use after a quick shake (heat up for 15 seconds in a microwave to lessen viscosity if too cold to stir), XL Gel can be brushed on and is thick enough not to run.

Convenient dispensing bottle lets you squeeze out just the right amount. Or squeeze out a small drop directly onto a brush. Minimizes odor, reduces waste.

Imparts a patina on silver, copper, bronze and more. Mix one teaspoon in 12 oz. of heated water to make dark patina solution, less to make light patina solution. Boasts 4–5 times longer shelf life than dry liver of sulphur.

4 oz. XL Gel makes 24 portions 12 oz. solution.

Liver of Sulphur XL Gel is formulated for versatility & convenience. XL Gel’s shelf life is many times that of dry liver of sulphur. XL Gel is used to patina metals such as silver, copper, bronze, metal clay. XL Gel is non-flammable. XL Gel poses no dry inhalation hazard.

  • Stir before use for consistent results.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of XL Gel per 12 fl oz/350 ml heated water (approx 140°F /60°C) for darkest patina.
  • Adjust solution mixture ratio for desired effect & volume of solution.
  • XL Gel may be used in its ready form by brushing.
  • After use, Liver of Sulphur XL Gel can be neutralized with baking soda.
Skin Contact: Wash with water.
Eye Contact: Flush with water.
Ingestion: Give water or milk & induce vomiting.

Incompatible with strong acids & alcohols.
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