MicroVac III Dust Collector

$3.00 - $1,400.00
Total ---
Suction Hood on Sale Only

The sophisticated, powerful MicroVac III provides quiet and efficient dust collection right at your bench. Extracts 99.99% of dust from the air, collecting the majority of it in a bag filter located within an easily accessible door. Positioned vertically, the bag filter allows dust to settle to the bottom in order to maintain high suction and extend filter life. An extra-fine cartridge filter captures the tiniest dust particles. Bright LED on the control panel indicates when bag filter needs replacing.

A two-stage turbine provides enough power to collect dust from two stations simultaneously. Suction is fully adjustable via a front-mounted control knob. An auxiliary outlet is provided on back of unit for automatic operation of your flex shaft or micromotor, so you only have to flip the switch on the dust collector to power both it and your handpiece. A manual switch allows override of the automatic feature.

MicroVac III is sold alone with 6' of hose or as a Complete System which includes 6' hose, safety-glass face shield on bench stand and movable magnetic handrest. Made in Germany.
  • Two-stage turbine with muffler for quiet operation
  • Multi-filter system for clean exhaust air and constant high suction
  • Front-latching door for easy filter changes
  • Heavy-duty mounting plate & hardware for optional under-bench attachment .
  • Set of filters (installed)
  • CE approved.
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    Electrical: 120V, 60Hz
    Dimensions: 10-1/2" W x 14-1/2" D x 15" H
    Noise Level: 52.61 dB
    Shipping Weight: 46 lbs. with hose only, 54 lbs. with all accessories

    Supplied with 1 set of filters installed. See "Related Products" below for replacement filters.
    6' Flexible Hose: included with MicroVac but available for use with Optional T-Connector for a second station.

    T-Connector: PVC connector attaches to back inlet of MicroVac so two hoses may connect. Enables MicroVac to handle two stations.

    Suction Hood: consists of safety-glass face shield on stand. Replacement safety-glass is available and easily installed by user if required. (Included with MicroVac III Complete System.)