Carbon Treatment Set for Cleaning White Rhodium

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Cleans your contaminated white rhodium bath.

It eventually happens to every plater: Rhodium comes out looking gray instead of white. The usual culprits? Organic contaminants introduced to your plating bath from wax or other stop-offs, electrocleaner or soap, dust or dirt. Once dissolved, these pesky contaminants can’t be removed by sieving or straining. Replacement filters and Carbon Powder are available. See related products below. Made in USA.

Our money-saving Carbon Treatment Set uses activated carbon to absorb contaminants so you can filter them out and restore your bath to like-new condition rather than discard it. Includes:

  • Activated Carbon
    (3 oz. in standard set, enough for approx. 48 one-liter bath treatments; 11 oz. in large set, enough for approximately 176 one-liter bath treatments)
  • Funnel
  • Treatment tank with cover
  • Glass stirring rod
  • Filtration tank
  • Filter paper
  • Instructions

Ideal for monthly preventive maintenance and emergency situations. Excellent for gold plating baths, too.

Note: Will not remove metal contamination, such as that from soft solder.

  Congratulations on your purchase of the Gesswein Carbon Treatment Set. Proper maintenance of your White Rhodium plating solution is essential to the production of a bright white deposit. Wax or other stop offs and cleaners or soaps may introduce soluble organic contaminants into your plating bath, which will cause a darkening of the Rhodium deposit. The following procedure outlines the process for the removal of organic contamination:

1. Transfer the contents of your plating tank into the Treatment Tank (1).

2. To the Treatment Tank, add 1 scoop Activated Carbon (2) for every 1 liter of solution that you are treating.

3. Stir the mixture well for 30 seconds using the Glass Stirring Rod (3) every 10 minutes. Continue this process for a minimum of 1 hour; that means you'll be stirring a total of 6 times, 30 seconds each time. The more you stir the better the results.

4. Allow the carbon to settle (overnight is convenient).

5. Fold the Filter Paper (4) into a cone shape (see diagram below) and put into Plastic Funnel (5). Insert plastic funnel into opening on the cover of Filtration Tank (6). Slowly beging to filter rhodium solution from the treatment tank through the filter. Be sure that no carbon passes through the filter into the filtration tank. WARNING: do not fill entire funnel with solution as unit will become top-heavy and risk of tipping is increased.

Note: Make sure that filter cone has 3 layers on one side and 1 layer on the other when inserting it into the funnel for filtration.

6. Thoroughly wash and steam your plating tank and Platinized Anode (use no soaps). Pour treated solution back into the Rhodium plating tank. Adjust solution level with Steam Distilled Water, and mix well with glass stirrer. Check Rhodium concentation using Rhodium Test Kit (see "Related Products" below) and adjust with Rhodium replenisher if needed. Stir well.

7. Thoroughly wash all treatment components and store in dry place.
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