DEGUSSIT® Ruby® Midget File Assortment

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This money-saving kit contains all 11 of our Ruby Midget Files (50mm and 100mm lengths) plus one double-ended holder with two collets. (Holder is available only with this kit and is not available separately.)

Screw machine operators will find this set particularly helpful for dressing cutters without removing them from the machine.

Ruby Stones are the ideal choice for deburring, blending, dressing, and fine polishing of molds & dies made of hard metals such as hardened tool steel, carbide and surgical stainless steel. Jewelers use them for sharpening of carbide and high speed steel engravers and other tools.

Mold & Die Applications:
  • Use in an Ultrasonic Handpiece for fast deburring and blending. (Ruby Stones cut faster than our very popular Super Ceramic Stones.)
  • Deburring ejector pin holes.
  • General deburring and edge breaking on mold steel and carbide.
  • Blending a surface where a straight edge meets a radius.
  • Polishing highly detailed areas on dies (after dressing Ruby Stone to a fine point).
  • Polishing ribs and other hard to reach areas.
Medical Instruments:
  • Fine polishing of surgical stainless steel instruments.
Jewelers and Engravers:
  • Polishing and shaping of carbide & high speed steel gravers.
Made in Germany from pure, sintered crystals of synthetic ruby. No bonding material is used, so these stones and files are extremely hard and resistant to changes in shape. This is particularly important for quality precision grinding and finishing.

In addition, since Degussit Ruby Stones and Files feature outstanding resistance to wear, they are more economical to use than other comparable tools.

Use dry or with Gesswein Stoning Oil to grind, touch up or debur steel and carbide parts. Also recommended for use on materials such as glass, quartz and porcelain.
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