Light Blue Mtd. Stone Sets

$28.75 SDS
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Buy this 12-piece set and have the right stone for every application.

Includes one each of all Light Blue Mounted Stones in either 1/8" or 3mm shank. Conveniently packaged in a durable plastic box.

Important: Abrasive stones break down during mold and die polishing, grinding, tool sharpening, and dressing of cutting & grinding wheels. The resulting dust is classified by OSHA as inert or nuisance dust. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for each stone; data provided therein pertains primarily to the dust produced during and after use. Please note that hazards may change when abrasive stones are used in conjunction with solvents, cutting fluids or other chemicals. For more complete information, consult the Material Safety Data Sheets of chemical products used with abrasive stone products.
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