3M™ Imperial Micro Finishing Film Bands

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Durable, non-loading 3M™ Imperial™ Micro-Finishing Film features premium micron-graded aluminum oxide resin-bonded onto high-strength polyester film backing for maximum cutting efficiency and smooth uniform surfaces. Can be used wet or dry on both soft and hard metals.

Available in 1/2" diameter band for inside ring finishing. (Both are 1/2" long.) Use with Drum Arbors for a secure hold and cushioned backing. Max. operating speed: 20,000rpm.

Available in only 180 grit and 1/2" diameter. Sold in a package of 10.
Use coarse grits wet with a light touch to create a fine satin finish.

To polish any metal surface to a flawless mirror shine, use 3M Flex Diamond followed by 3M Imperial then finish with rouge.

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