New SuperStone Ceramic Stone Round Polishing Set

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This 6-piece set includes five 3mm round x 50mm long ceramic stones, in 180, 300, 600, 800 and 1200 grits and a 3mm round holder.
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    Strong yet incredibly flexible! Made of long ceramic fibers that will not break or dull, even when used under the most strenuous conditions or dressed to a very fine point. Put an end to constant stone replacement: 100% of each stone is available for use due to solid ceramic construction.

    These very small stones are the perfect solution for deburring or polishing the smallest, most inaccessible areas. A stone as small as 0.5 x 1mm is available. All stones measure 100mm (4") long.

    Can be used with fantastic results in our ULTRAMAX ultrasonic handpieces, in Power Hand 2X reciprocating and rotary handpieces, or by hand, making them very versatile. Impart uniform surface finishes on molds, dies and precision components. Produce excellent finishing results on stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloys, silicon, magnetic materials and plastics. Color-coded for easy grit identification. Dress with Super Dresser.
    Color Grit
    Emerald 120
    Gold 180
    Light Brown 300
    Orange 400
    Brown 600
    Blue 800
    White 1000
    Red 1200