3M™ Sponge Sanding Pads (Set of 5)

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A set of five (one each medium, fine, super-fine, ultra-fine and micro-fine) of our flexible, palm-sized Sponge Sanding Pads from 3M.

Conform to almost any surface contour. Made of long-lasting, closed-cell rubber with micron-graded aluminum oxide abrasive grains, these pads will not gouge the work surface.

3M Sponge Sanding Pads can be used wet or dry for a variety of applications as well as folded or trimmed to fit into detailed areas.

Each pad measures 4-1/2" x 5-1/2". Also sold individually.

Grade Grit Included in Set?
Medium 80 Yes
Fine 150 Yes
Super-Fine 320 Yes
Ultra-Fine 600 Yes
Micro-Fine 1000 Yes
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