3M™ Scotch-Brite EXL Large 6" Wheel, Medium Grit

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For deburring, polishing and finishing applications. Excellent for use on titanium and special alloys. Designed to minimize heat buildup, these wheels withstand more pressure. Produce fine finishes on tooled pieces, on aerospace, automotive and electronic components and on medical instruments. Synthetic fiber and resin construction eliminates danger of flying wheel debris. Less messy than buffs with compounds. Choose from a wide selection of sizes and color-coded grits.

Can be used on a 1/2" shaft polishing motor or mounted on 1/4" Scotch-Brite Wheel Mandrel (Item # 840-3305, see "Related Products" below).

Measure 6" diameter x 1/2" thick with 1/2" arbor hole. Medium grit.
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