Ti-Research Investment Mixers

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For mixing both standard investments and fast-setting investments such as Invest C/P, nothing could be easier, cleaner and more efficient than a Ti-Research "Mix-It" Investment Mixer. Just pour required amount of water or binder into the acrylic bowl, add the investment, put on the lid, turn the handle, and the mixing blade smoothly and thoroughly mixes the contents. Attach a vacuum pump to the fitting on the lid to remove bubbles while you mix. Feature thick-wall construction and solid stainless steel handle and mixing blade. Available in three capacities. Made in Germany.

Mix-It Mixers work with any standard vacuum pump or the Ti-Research WaterJet Vacuum Pump which provides the simplest, most inexpensive way to ensure your flasks are bubble-free (see "Related Products" below).

Available in 3 sizes:

Mixer Capacity Application
250ml Fills a 3" x 3" flask
500ml Fills a 4" x 4" flask
1000ml Fills a 5" x 6" flask
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