Dazor® Lamps, Replacement Bulbs

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  All tubes are for 115V lamps only
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All Dazor lamps are supplied with tubes. Replacement tubes are available same as supplied with lamp. For some lamps, Dazor offers optional Full Spectrum true-color tubes (see "Full Spectrum Lighting" tab above).

821-5350 15W Fluorescent Tube fits Dazor 2- and 3-Tube Floating Arm Fluorescent Lamps and Dazor Twin-Tube Fluorescent. 115V. Full Spectrum version available, see tab above.

821-5305 18W Fluorescent Tube fits current version of Dazor Assymetria Lamp. 115V.

821-5300 22W Circline Fluorescent fits Dazor Incandescent/Fluorescent Lamp. 115V, 6500K  (Daylight)

821-5304 22W Full Spectrum  Fluorescent Lamp. 115V, 5500K 

821-5549 20W Halogen fits Dazor Halogen Lamps, desk and clamp-on models. 115V.

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    These are Optional Fluorescent Tubes, not included with lamps.

    For jewelers, artists, dentists, crafters and anyone who need true-color daylight lighting.

    One of the benefits of full-spectrum lighting includes correct color perception. This is imperative where correct color is needed for seeing or properly matching an item. These lamps also have less glare. The reduction of glare, which in turn reduces eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue, can greatly increase productivity.Advocates of full-spectrum lighting claim increased health benefits and feelings of well-being due to its simulation of natural outdoor light. Some health professionals use it to treat a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).   All are 115V only.

    Full Spectrum
    Tube Type Kelvin* Fits Dazor Lamp
    13W Full Spectrum 5000 Older Asymmetria Lamps
    15W Full Spectrum 5900 2- and 3-Tube Floating Arm Lamps
    & Dazor Twin-Tube Fluorescent
    22W Circline 6500 Fluorescent Lamp Daylight
    Full Spectrum 5500 Incandescent/Fluorescent Lamp
    * Kelvin is a measure of color and does not indicate heat. These bulbs generate the same amount of heat as a standard fluorescent tube.