Durston Power Rolling Mills

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Durston's C100SSP and C130SSP are compact bench top motorized mills that roll sheet, square wire and half-round wire. Both have a cast iron base, cast iron gearbox with powerful motors and of course the standard one piece cast iron mill frame incorporating Durston's high quality steel rolls which run in heavy duty roller bearings.

Easy to use controls feature forward and reverse with another 2 buttons to easily increase or decrease roll speed.

Both mills include safety features: emergency stop button, safety bars at front and rear, and guards covering the extension rollers at the end of the mills. Made in the UK.
  • Variable speed (0 - 30rpm) with forward/reverse switches.
  • Emergency stop button, safety bars, guards.
  • Easy to read calibrated disc giving exact roll measurement.
  • Work light.
  • High quality Swedish roll steel specially heated to RC 63 / 64 for maximum hardness. These run in high load roller bearings guaranteeing a perfect rolled product.
FOB United Kingdom. Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.

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    Model: C100SSP C130SSP
    Electrical: 110V 110V
    Power: 1.0HP 1.5HP
    Operating Speed: 0 - 30rpm 0 - 30rpm
    Roller Size:
    (Width x Dia.)
    100 x 50mm 130 x 65mm
    Sheet Capacity:
    (Width x Thick)
    70 x 5.5mm 80 x 6mm
    Wire Capacity: 6 - 1mm Square (9 grooves)
    4,3,2 & 1.5mm Half-Round (4 grooves)
    8-1mm Square (11 grooves)
    4,3,2 & 1.5mm Half-Round (4 grooves)
    Dimensions: 18.5" x 13.5" x 20" 22" x 16" x 22"
    Net Weight: 231 lbs. 287 lbs.