Weldmax Nonmagnetic Electrodes & Holders

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Special Order Item
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Nonmagnetic Electrodes are used to tack in place sheet and wire and to weld sheet, wire and powders. Can be shaped to conform to the mold surfaces being repaired to improve the efficiency of the welding process.

Use standard 15mm OD for all normal repair work and slim 12mm OD for repairs in narrow areas or deep recesses. All electrodes and holders fit Weldmax 350.

Slim Holders measure 12mm diameter x 125mm long;
Standard Holders
measure 15mm diameter x 125mm long.

Tip Shape
(L x D)
Use Holder
Round 50 x 2mm* 2mm slim* or 2mm standard

50 x 3mm* 3mm slim* or 3mm standard

50 x 4mm* 4mm standard

50 x 5mm 5mm standard
Straight 50 x 2mm 2mm slim or 2mm standard

50 x 3mm 3mm slim or 3mm standard

50 x 4mm 4mm standard*

50 x 5mm 5mm standard*
Thin Round 50 x 2mm 2mm slim or 2mm standard

* Supplied with Weldmax 350.
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