Ferris® Injection Waxes, 50 lb. Boxes

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Ferris injection waxes in money-saving 50 lb. boxes.

Turquoise Pellets: Super tough, medium-hard wax with built-in release agents. General purpose wax. Injection temperature: 150-160° F.

NYC Blue Pellets: Identical formulation as Turquoise in a bright readable blue.Injection temperature: 150-160° F.

Magnaject Pellets: Extremely fluid wax for filling intricate patterns. Minimizes shrinkage. Long shelf life. Blue or Pink.Injection temperature: 150-160° F.

Blue Pellets: Hard wax with excellent memory formulated for intricate, detailed molds. Cools quickly.Injection temperature: 150-160° F.

Light Blue Pellets: This plastic-type wax combines the excellent flow characteristics of wax and the durability of plastic. Minimizes shrinkage for the most accurate weight in finished castings. Offers excellent memory and flexibility. Easily carved and filed. Boasts long shelf life before and after injection. Releases easily from molds. Injection temperature: 155–160°F (68–71°C). 

Injection waxes specially formulated by the makers of Ferris File-A-Wax. Consist of purest synthetic virgin waxes and resins, with unique properties essential for perfect injection: durability, ductility, excellent flow and precise replication of detail.

Injection temperature: 150–160°F (65–71°C).