3M™ Ceramic Purple Discs

$16.99 - $26.99
  Sold in packs of 6
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Excellent multi-purpose abrasive. Ceramic Cubitron™ material is self-sharpening. Its long life & uniform cutting action are the best in the industry. The purple color is a trademark of 3M.

For woodworking: Great for regrinding tool edges that have been damaged or rounded over: chisels, woodturning tools, counter-sinks, drill bits, etc. Its aggressive bite & non-loading properties are ideal for sanding wood as well as for use on various non-ferrous & tool steels.

For jewelry: Jewelers also prefer this material for its performance on precious metals, including grinding sprues off of raw castings.

Available in 2 grits: 80 and 120. Each grit is sold in packages of 6. Also available in a 9-piece set of 3 of each grit, 80, 120 and 220.
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