Quatro Velocity Dust Collectors

$932.00 - $2,009.00
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These professional units collect 99.97% of all compound dust and precious metal particulate down to submicron levels. Ideal for grinding and polishing applications. Prefilter and state-of-the-art cartridge filter ensure return air is absolutely clean, eliminating the need for outside ventilation. Built-in collection tray captures your precious metal dust and lets you reclaim it without removing the cartridge filter.

1-Port Model includes 6' of 3" diameter flex hose and two hose clamps.
2-Port Model includes 12' of hose and four clamps.
4-Port Model includes 25' of hose and eight clamps.
4x4-Port Model includes 50' of hose and 16 clamps. Total of 8 ports. Please note 4x4 model is available in 230V only.

All models are backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. CSA and CE approved. Made in Canada. Both the 1-Port and the 2-Port can be shipped UPS.
  • Prefilter prolongs filter cartridge life 2-4 years.
  • "Slide & Glide" easy-in/easy-out filter cartridge captures particulate down to submicron particle levels.
  • Advanced filtration technology with the highest rating (Category C: 99.9% dust extraction) recirculates clean air back into the workplace.
  • Built-in collection tray captures precious metal dust for immediate reclaiming.
  • Inlet ports can be positioned on top or side of unit.
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    Model 1-Port 2-Port 4-Port 4x4-Port
    Stations: 1 1-2 2-4 5-8
    Electrical: 120V, 5.3A 120V, 6.1A 120V, 9.2A 230V, 9A
    HP: 1/2 3/4 1 2
    CFM: 200 400 800 1600
    L x W: 14" x 19.5" 14" x 25" 18" x 25.5" 18" x 34"
    Height: 16" 17" 23" 23"
    Weight: 72 lbs. 80 lbs. 131 lbs. 233 lbs.

    All models have 3" diameter inlet(s).
    All units are supplied with one set of filters, installed.  See "Related Products" below for replacement filters.