GRS® Thermo-Loc®

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Very tough work-holding plastic. Softens with heat to clay-like pliable consistency so you can form it around an endless variety of workpieces. Turns rock-hard once it cools to hold items securely.

Neutral gray in color to prevent eyestrain, even under bright work lights.

Economical and practical—can be reused again and again. Heat in a microwave oven on the microwave-safe pad included with the Starter Kit, in a conventional oven, in hot water or with a heat gun (be sure to follow proper heating instructions).

Thermo-Loc Starter Kit includes 6" x 6" microwave-safe Pad and 1 lb. of Thermo-Loc. Thermo-Loc refills available in 1/2 lb., 1 lb., and 5 lbs.
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