Foredom® Flex Shafts, Sheaths, and Parts

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    Gesswein stocks the most commonly asked-for parts for both new and discontinued models of Foredom Flex Shafts. If you don't see what you need, please email us or call us at 1-800-243-4466 (Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm EST).

    Item# Foredom Part# Description Fits Flex Shaft
    850-3395 S-93 Inner Shaft- Standard CC, L, LB, LX, LXB, R, RB, S, SR, TX
    850-3397 S-93-66 Inner Shaft- Longer CC, L, LB, LX, LXB, R, RB, S, SR, TX
    850-3010 S-77 Outer Sheath- Standard CC, L, LB, R, RB, S, SR, TX
    850-3396 S-77-66 Outer Sheath – Longer CC, L, LB, LX, LXB, R, RB, S, SR, TX
    850-3390 S-96A Inner Shaft EE, GG
    850-3000 S-80 Outer Sheath EE, GG
    850-3400 S-10804B Shaft & Sheath Assembly H
    850-3394 S-93/77 Shaft & Sheath Assembly CC, L, LB, LXB, LX, LXB, R, RB, S, SR, TX
    850-3398 S-93/77-66 Shaft & Sheath Assembly- Longer CC, L, LB, LX, LXB, R, RB, S, SR, TX
    850-2180 UA111P Motor Sheath Connector CC, DD, S, R, RB, L, LB
    850-4100 MS10006 Shaft Grease All
    850-4105 MS10005 Handpiece Oil All
    850-4110 MP119P Motor Brushes (pair) CC, S
    850-4113 MP117P Motor Brushes (pair) CC, EE, GG, R, RB
    850-4119 MP319P Motor Brushes (pair) TX, TXM, TXB, TXH, TXMH, TXBH (115V only)
    LX, LXM, LXB, LXH, LXMH, LXBH (115 & 230V)
    Discontinued L, LM, & LB (115 & 230V)
    M.PGX and discontinued M.PG PowerGravers (115 & 230V)
    850-4108 MP132P Motor Brushes (pair) 1/6HP SR, SRM, SRB, SRH, SRMH, SRBH
    850-4117 MP2019P Motor Brushes (pair) 1/8HP SR, SRM, & SRB (115 & 230V)
    1/8HP S, SM, & SB (115 & 230V)
    1/4HP H, HM, & HB (115 & 230V)
    850-4120 MP120 Brush Cap TX, TXH, LX, LXB, LXH, L, S, CC, and
    1/8HP SR
    850-2207 UA105 Motor Bale CC, S, R, L, H