Fretz Miniature Forming Stakes

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Fretz Miniature Forming Stakes allow you to form the metal into convex or concave shapes and fabricate complex curves. Make hollow jewelry with a large look that is light in weight—much lighter than a cast piece.

Made of hardened 416 stainless steel. Use with H-1 holder (sold separately, see "Related Products" below). Approximate dimensions: 3-3/4"L x 3"H. Made in Vietnam.

Style    Description Application
F2    Double Convex Stake Use the large end to form convex bracelets, smaller end to form domed rings. If you anneal in between hammering, some fairly dramatic curves can be made with this stake.
F6    Shell Stake An anticlastic stake scaled for bracelet-size shell-form, concave or convex shapes.
F8    Horn Stake Use to make beads from tubes and cones and for extreme curves in hollow rings.
F9    Convex/Concave Stake Has one convex side similar to those of the F-2 stake but makes a more shallow dome. Other side is for making concave bracelets.
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