Precut EDM Stones

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  Priced per package. 10 stones in a package.
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The dependable quality of our popular finishing stones sized especially for use with your UF-9700 ultrasonic handpiece. Special high thickness tolerance (+0/-0.004") assures proper fit in the Clamp Tool Holder.

EDM Stones are made of aluminum oxide for fast removal of EDM scale. Cut fast and hold their shape very well. Quickly remove bumps and high spots without distorting surface. Sold in packages of 10.

For use in UF-9700 handpiece only!
All ULTRAMAX tools are made to match the resonant frequency of Gesswein ULTRAMAX units. For optimum results use only these tools. The manufacturer does not accept any liability for other manufacturer’s tools.

Stone W x Thick x L
Grit Use Clamp Tool Holder
E-31 6 x 1.5 x 25mm 320 Med. Flat 1.5mm # 508-3504 
E-41           " 400           "
E-61           " 600           "
E-13 12 x 3 x 22mm 180 Large Flat 3mm # 508-3511
E-33           " 320           "
E-43           " 400           "
E-63           " 600           "
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