Durston DRM F100RE Flat Rolling Mill

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Durston Rolling Mills are premium mills that feature cast-iron construction for great toughness, fine steel rollers, maintenance-free bearings and easy-to-read calibration dial. Roll smooth metal free of virtually all distortion. Made in the UK.

Durston F100RE Flat Mill rolls sheet and half-round wire. The very fine calibrated adjustment on the roll gap allows greatest possible control over reductions made in each pass together with ease of turning. Special helical drive gears incorporated for maximum efficiency. One piece cast iron housing for great strength with maintenance free bearings.

Gear Ratio: 4:1
Roller Size:
(Width x Dia.)
100 x 50mm
Sheet Capacity:
(Width x Thick)
100 x 6mm
Wire Capacity: 4–1.5mm Half-Round (4 grooves)
Dimensions: 14"W x 8"D x 13"H (without handle)
Net Weight: 64 lbs.
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