Quatro Air Wedge

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A versatile collection port for recovering precious metal dust right at your bench. Pull dust and contaminants away from your face before you breathe them.

The Air Wedge has a perforated base with 1/2" lip that ensures all contaminants stay within the work area. Plexiglas shield lifts off for quick access to tray below. Flange can be positioned either under or behind the unit for connection to a 3" flex hose leading to your dust collector.

Fits any dust collector with a 3" diameter hose/inlet. Made in Canada.
  • With Plexi-Glass Safety Shield
  • Ensures all particles stay within the AirWedge
  • Excellent for use with a micromotor or lathe
  • Vacuum hose can connect from the back
  • 10"H x 12"W x 10"D (255mm x 305mm x 255mm)
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