Power Hand® Swing Head

$13.20 - $495.00
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This head is identical to that on our SZX Profiler. It gives a unique side-to-side reciprocating action with a stroke that is easily adjustable up to 133 strokes per second. Length of stroke ranges from 0 – 1.6mm (increases with tool length). Maximum strokes per minute: 8,000.

It's perfect for polishing base areas in deep cavities, corners and deep slots and helps eliminate rounding of sharp corners. Prevents bottoming out in blind holes.

Special V-shaped chucking system firmly secures 1.5 to 5mm (3/16") diameter tools.

Measures 4" long x 1" diameter at widest end.

Use on M-08X Motor assembly only. (Also fits older style Power Hand 2 Z-M08X Motor.)
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    Every PH3 handpiece consists of 2 parts: a motor and a head with integrated quick-disconnect fitting to hold heads securely and make head changes fast. Optional heads are available so you can create your own custom handpieces to suit your individual requirements.
    For optimal performance of specialty heads, choose the 8,000rpm, 15,000rpm or 30,000rpm Power Hand 3 Handpiece or Handpiece Motor as indicated in the chart below. For work requiring high torque at low speed, add in the 4:1 Reduction Gear.

    Heads below fit both Power Hand 2 and Power Hand 3 handpiece motors.

    Handpiece Heads
    PH3 08X
    PH3 15X
    PH3 30X
    Mini-Filer Head
    12,000 strokes/min.

    SZX Swing Head
    Side-to-Side Reciprocating
    8,000 strokes/min.

    120° Angle Head Z-CNX
    Max. 15,000rpm

    90° Angle Head Z-ANX
    Max. 15,000rpm

    Micro Angle Head
    Long Reach 90° Rotary
    Max. 15,000rpm

    Heavy-Duty Head
    Rotary for 1/4" Shanks
    Max. 30,000rpm
    Slender Head*
    Long Reach Rotary
    Max. 55,000rpm
    Standard Rotary Head*
    Replacement Head
    Max. 55,000rpm
    4:1 Reduction Gear
    Adds 4X Torque

    Blue dot indicates optimal performance for head & motor combination.

    * Both the Slender Head and the Standard Rotary Head work with all PH 3 Motors (M-08X, M-15X, M-20X, M-30X, M-35X, and M-55X).