Castaldo® Plast-O-Wax®

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  • Castaldo® Plast-O-Wax® jewelry injection wax produces patterns that are very flexible, resilient and durable with great memory. Patterns will not break despite rough handling. Fewer broken patterns = greater productivity.
  • Inject at 68-71° C. / 155-160° F.
  • A unique all-purpose injection wax, Castaldo Plast-O-Wax combines excellent flow and fill qualities with the stability of plastic. Great for stone-in-place casting. Easy to tool.

  • Releases easily from any type of mold to produce patterns with smooth glossy surfaces, crisp detail and minimal shrinkage.
  • Wax patterns made with Plast-O-Wax do not become brittle over time. They last and last in long - term storage. Inject them now — use them months later!
  • Unlike plastic-only pattern materials, it can easily be steam de-waxed.
  • Available in 2 kilo (4.4 lbs.) and 20 kilo (44 lbs.) boxes.
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