COLORiT Curing Desk Light

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The COLORiT Curing Light is included in both the small and large COLORiT Sets and is also sold separately. These lights are not standard dental lights but cover a much broader range of the UV spectrum. (Standard dental lights may cure some colors but will not cure all COLORiT colors.) The Curing Light is ideal for custom work, cures one item at a time.

For more information on COLORiT, see "Related Products" below.

  • 3 high output LEDs per light head and 3 Watts
  • each per LED
  • Integrated Royal Blue LEDs radiate light at a wavelength of 455-475nm, the range needed for polymerisation of COLORiT colors
  • 60 kg permanent magnet in the light base
  • Orange light protection screen
  • Power supply for 115-240 V including plug
  • Cable length: 6 feet (3 meters)
  • Robust, shock-resistent plastic
  • Flexible light arms
  • Maintenance-free
  • Minimum 60,000 hours lifespan of LED bulbs
  • Electricity consumption 2 x 9 Watts
  • Metallic base plate for fixation to workbench
  • 273