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Please Note: For Rubber & Brass Washers For Steamer G260, 2 are required for each glass gauge.

Product Name Item # Description
Gasket for Heating Element 853-7090 Fits all units. 
Glass Gauge Valve Repair Kit 853-7096 Contains 2 rubber washers, brass washers and graphite O-rings.
Low Water Cut-Off Circuit Board for JR Steamer 853-1118 Use for units with serial number 60817 through current. 
Water Fill Funnel 853-7050
Brass Fixture Set 853-7095 Contains the complete upper and lower brass valves including all gaskets, washers and "faucet" knobs that hold the glass gauge.
Circuit Board 120/240V 853-6046 Solid State Relay 120 for units with serial numbers before 60817
Foot Pedal, Air Operated 853-7066 Includes 8" tubing required for replacement. Not interchangeable with electric.
Food Pedal, Electric 853-7065 Includes 8" tubing required for replacement. Not interchangeable with air.
Glass Sight Gauge (4.875" long) 853-1111 Includes 2 rubber washers and 2 brass washers for gauge. Glass sight gauges should be changed at least once a year to reduce possibility of breakage.
Glass Sight Gauge (7" long) 853-1051
Glass Sight Gauge (8.5" long) 853-1050
Plastic Guard (5.5" long) 853-1062 Covers the Glass Sight Gauge for protection in case the glass breaks. Choose a Plastic Guard that is the same length or slightly longer than your Glass Sight Gauge.
Plastic Guard (7.5" long) 853-1061
Plastic Guard (8.5" long) 853-1060
Rubber Washer for Glass Gauge 853-6030 Sold individually. Two required for each glass sight gauge. For all units. 
Safety Valve, Complete 853-6040 Fits all units. 
Solenoid Valve - 120V (Brass) 853-6050 Made of brass. It contains 3 wires (2 red, 1 green). This item is for older model JR Steamers (all serial numbers before 66141).
Solenoid Valve - 120V (Stainless Steel) 853-6053 Made of stainless steel. This solenoid has a din connector (black plug) and is the current solenoid valve for the JR Steamer. For all units after serial number 66141.
Thermostat Dial 853-7060
Heating Element/Thermostat Assembly (Old Style, 120V) 853-1105 Use on Jr Steamer with serial numbers before 55642.
Heating Element - 120V 853-1112 For units made after 7/28/99.
On/Off Switch Lighted 853-1114 For units made in/after 1999.
Brass Washer 853-6032 Sold individually, 2 required for each glass sight gauge.

Please note - These parts do not fit SteamMaster brand steamers. They are for the Reimers Junior Steamers only.

prop 65  Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. -