Reimers Junior Steamer, Accessories & Replacement Parts

$4.95 - $370.00
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Please order carefully, paying attention to voltage of parts as marked.

Please Note: For Rubber & Brass Washers For Steamer G260, 2 are required for each glass gauge. 

All Glass Sight Gauges include washers (2 rubber washers and 2 brass washers per gauge). Glass sight gauges should be changed at least once a year to reduce possibility of breakage. A Plastic Guard covers the Glass Sight Gauge for protection in case the glass breaks. Choose a Plastic Guard that is the same length or slightly longer than your Glass Sight Gauge.

The Brass Fixture Set contains the complete upper and lower brass valves (including all gaskets, washers and "faucet" knobs) that hold the glass gauge.

The Glass Gauge Valve Repair Kit contains 2 rubber washer, brass washers and graphite o-rings.

Foot Pedals are available in electric or air. They include the 8" tubing required for replacement. They are not interchangeable.

Please note, these parts do not fit SteamMaster brand steamers. They are for the Reimers Junior Steamers only.
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