Flexible Diamond Cloth with PSA Backing

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Pressure-sensitive adhesive cloth sheets are coated with diamond for aggressive cutting and fine polishing of most metals including mold & die steels, hardened steel, tungsten carbide, and ceramic coated steel as well as glass, hard ceramic, marble, granite and stone.

The cloth backing provides flexibility to conform to the work surface while the honeycomb pattern of the diamond makes them easy to cut to size for lapping and polishing in small places and finely detailed areas.

Precisely graded diamond available in 5 color-coded grits. Can be used wet or dry. Measure 50mm x 100mm.

Grit Color Size
120 Brown 50 x 100mm (2" x 4")
200 Red 50 x 100mm (2" x 4")
400 Yellow 50 x 100mm (2" x 4")
600 White 50 x 100mm (2" x 4")
1000 Blue 50 x 100mm (2" x 4")

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