SonoCraft ST-60

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Most powerful ultrasonic jewelry finisher

for both hard & soft metals!
More power for more applications than our ST-50 Burnisher.

Traditionally used to finish intricate details in metal molds & dies, ultrasonic polishing enables precision finishing in the tiniest jewelry areas too. SonoCraft ST-60 uses high-frequency low-amplitude ultrasonic vibration to reach into the tiniest places to clean and burnish, even bead set and engrave — leaving an extremely bright burnished surface. Excels at removing rapid prototyping marks and leaving a beautiful burnished finish in 1 step.

ST-60 includes five tips and works on the softer metals as well as hard metals such as Platinum. There is very little vibration transmitted through the handpiece so it can be used comfortably for long periods of time. Made in Japan.

A very versatile machine, the ST-60 has four ultrasonic modes:

Single Hit Mode:
Tightens beads onto stones with minimal or no touchup needed.
Intermittent Mode (Slow):
Slowly repeating impacts for light engraving.
Intermittent Mode (Rapid):
Rapidly repeating impacts for engraving.
Continuous Mode:
Constant fast impact for burnishing and polishing.

SonoCraft ST-60 has a full 40 watts of power for precision finishing on hard metals like platinum as well as on gold, silver, and soft metals. ST-60 is powerful enough to quickly remove RP marks on castings for a beautiful shine. Can even do light engraving and bead setting!


  • Advanced ultrasonic technology drastically reduces finishing time for increased productivity.
  • Automatic frequency adjustment provides optimal efficiency for excellent finishing results.
  • High output power handles all kinds of metals with ease.
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    Works on: Gold, Silver, Platinum and other hard metals
    Operating Frequency: 25kHz
    Frequency Adjustment: Automatic Feedback
    Power Consumption: 120VA
    Max. Power Output: 40W
    Output Adjustment: Continuously variable
    Electrical: 110V or 220V, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions: 5-3/4"W x 7-1/4"D x 5"H
    Handpiece Net Weight: 4.5 oz. without cord
    Net Weight: 6.25 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.

    What's Included:
    • Control Box
    • Handpiece with curl cord
    • Foot Rheostat
    • 5 Carbide Tips: 60° V-Shape Chisel, 90° V-Shape Chisel, Flat Graver, Round Graver, and Burnishing Tool
    For replacement tips, see SonoCraft ST-60 Replacement Tips.